Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Research &Evaluation of a service Initiative Essay

Research &Evaluation of a service Initiative - Essay Example en has become a serious concern and needs to be studied at primary healthcare setting, using wider platform of service initiatives (O’Hara et al., 1984; Whitton, Warner & Appleby, 1996). The study would be making efforts to identify the needs of the mothers and critically evaluate the support and proactive participation of peer support groups for women with PND in St. Albans. I am a student healthcare visitors and the student would greatly facilitate in exploring the various facets of timely interventions to reduce pnd. There is considerable evidence to show that PND has a substantial impact on the mother, her partner and baby (Linnet et al, 2003; Brown, Bacigalupo, 2006; Hall & Elliman, 2008). Evidence suggests that mothers’ psychosocial and mental health can have a significant effect on the mother and baby relationship and that PND can result in both emotional and cognitive disorders in the infant (Bee & Boyd, 2008; Stein et al.,1991; Murray & Cooper, 1991). All of which have significant health impacts on individuals and society, signifying a major public health issue (Hearn et al., 1998; Briscoe, 1986). Motherhood is one of the most important and challenging role of women. It becomes a lifelong learning process and is hugely facilitated by emotional support of the family (Scrandis, 2005). But often, the changing role of single women into mother is accompanied by socio psychological adjustments which are hugely facilitated by the husband, support family and peer groups (Rodrigues et al., 2000; Oats et al., 2004). The social expectations become highly stressful because of the various factors like lack of knowledge, conflicting views and differences about childcare between the expectant mothers and peer group. Very often this adversely impacts the self confidence and promotes doubts about one’s competency level of being a good mother thereby creating stress and pnd amongst the women (Dressel & Clark, 1990; Beck, 2002). Thus, encouraging family support

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