Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Performance Evaluation on Product Quality †MyAssignmenthelp.com

Question: Discuss about the Performance Evaluation on Product Quality. Answer: The performance management system is an integral part of the human resource management of the organization. The performance management system should be directed at increasing the performance of the human resources by providing them with constant motivation and self-awareness. The performance management system should be focused on evaluating the performance of the employees so that they their strength can be increased and weakness can be removed. It is important that the performance management system should be able to motivate the employees to work hard and achieve new heights in their performance. Therefore, it is important that the organization build relationships with its employees to keep them engaged with the organizations goals. The human resources are the most important asset to the organization; therefore, it is important to keep them engaged and motivated in the organization. The organization can invest in training and development of the employees so that the efficiency of th e employees can be improved. CERA can also focus on one-to-one mentor relationships so that the organization can establish relationship with the employees. CERA should also try to shape positive culture of the organization so that an inclusive and productive environment can be fostered in the organization. The employees will be more satisfied and engaged with their work in a positive organization culture. Diversity and inclusiveness is also essential components of the organization culture. In the performance management system, CERA should try to provide equal opportunities to all the employees and evaluate their performance fairly and accurately in order to increase employee satisfaction. Response as Israel Tobin Performance management system is essential for the employees. It is important to evaluate the performance of the employees to assist them in their career growth. Although the performance of the employees should be evaluated according to punctuality, customer feedback, product quality, it is important to provide flexibility to the employees. Moreover, it is important to acknowledge that the employees are not perfect and may commit error in their tenure. The organization should focus on the development of the employees. If the employees are having certain weaknesses, it is important for the organization to identify them and assist them in addressing the weaknesses. However, in order to maintain the quality of work from the employers, the organization should implement certain quality standards. The employees should meet certain quality benchmarks to maintain the quality standards of the organization. The company should conduct performance evaluation on the product quality. Conclusion: The employees are significant asset to the organization and the organization must maintain positive work culture in order to foster their productivity. It is important to evaluate the attitude of the employees in order to maintain positive work culture. The organization should also focus on giving behavioural training to the employees in order to increase positive work culture in the organization. However, maintaining the decorum of the organization is also essential for the organization. Therefore, it is agreed that the organization should develop and implement stringent policies so that the employees remain disciplined. It is agreed that the employees should be punctual at their workplace in order to maintain their performance objectives.

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